Pip Goes offline

Pip Pellens started her career in the media almost simultaneously with the career of Facebook: 15 years ago. During these 15 years, the way of communicating with each other and with the audience has changed completely. Nowadays, Vlogger is the number one career choice for young people!

Big Brother is watching you, but how did it get this far and where exactly are we going? Is it still possible; a life without internet? For Pip, the time has come to take stock. Pip is looking for an answer to the question: ‘Do we still have a life without a mobile phone, social media or internet?’ By doing the experiment herself, she will temporarily go offline completely.

The result of her search is a theatre performance with her experiences and personal story, presented in her own way and style. In ‘Pip Goes Offline’ Pip invites you to hand in your phone in the cloakroom and go offline for one and a half hours. In speech, song and dance and with musical surprises she takes you by the hand and show you that a life without a mobile phone, social media and internet is also an option.

Just for a moment then…

Buy your tickets here! First show the 13th of March!

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